Back to Basics - Food should be food

Hi, My name is Michelle and have recently started my quest of finding all natural and organic foods to feed my family of four. I have two children, one in elementary school and one toddler and my husband of three years. Join me in the quest to find local organic and natural foods at an affordable price and tasteful convenient manner for my busy lifestyle.
Posts I Like

Chicken nuggets with fresh bread crumbs. Made honey mustard and asparagus.

Daughter requested this lunch. PB and j on wheat pita. Cheese stick. Pretzels and apples.

PB and J pita. Puffed wheat with Pepitas.

Protein is a great tool to help keep full and energized throughout the day. I want to try these clean eating pumpkin protein bars to kick off the fall season!!  Will update you on if they are good or not.

Daughters lunch for tomorrow. Banana waffle sandwich with cream cheese, cinnamon and raisins.

Whole wheat biscuits. Yummy with honey, jam, butter etc.. Make a batch and freeze leftovers!

Making waffles with my son. Took my favorite recipe and replaced the sugar with 100% maple syrup and added a banana. They are delicious.

Daughters lunch for tomorrow. Yogurt with homemade granola. Black grapes. Clery. And a pita ham and cheese.

Blueberry muffins made with no sugar or additives. All natural.